MP44 / Sturmgewehr 44 (Stg44) [Nitroair Recoil Blowback]


Made in Japan
Operating principle: Air Blowback Airsoft
Ammunition: 6mm BB
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You are viewing a truly remarkable reproduction of the famous MP44. Built to extreme precision and details this reproduction MP44 is of museum display quality and has been featured in many WWII movie productions. It is a favorite among collectors and WWII enthuasists across the world. We carry two variants of this model, combat gaming capable nitroair model and a display/reenactment focused model gun version.


By 1942, the Germans had working assault rifle design Mkb42 (H) that had passed its combat debut, but before it could go to mass production, it needed design refinement and Hitlerís approval, of which the latter was negative. To avoid Hitlerís wrath, production continued under new designation the Maschinen Pistol 43 (MP43), and after minor modifications, the MP44 was introduced.

Due to the glowing combat reports and numerous requests for the MP43/MP44 from field commanders, Hitler changed his mind in late 1943, and subsequently, the program received high priority status. Hitler then named the MP44 the Sturmgewehr 44 (StG 44), or "assault weapon", in effect sealing the birth of world's first true assault rifle.

In WWII the MP43, MP44 and StG44 were mostly employed in the Eastern Front until the Battle of the Bulge where the new Volksgrenadier formations employed StG44 in relatively large numbers. Despite the firepower advantage of Stg44 ammunition was in short supply as the 7.92 x 33mm kurz cartridges had not been used before in vast quantities.

Field reports indicated that the increased firepower of the individual soldier helped Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS units to fight off superior enemy forces. Captured examples were used by Allied soldiers, but many of the 400,000+ MP43/MP44/StG44s never were distributed effectively to the frontline units, as Third Reich infrastructure was collapsing under the weight of the Allied offensive, just at the time when production had started to reach significant numbers.


Since the MP44/StG44 is an extremely rare firearm, in modern days, few have had the possibility to experience it in person. This extremely-well-made replica allows you to grasp the concept and feeling of the gun. 1:1 size, full metal and wood parts, production markings, serial numbers and many other details can be found on this replica MP44. Each model has its own unique serial number.

WWII Guns Footage: Click here to see MP44 nitroair blowback full automatic firing!

This blowback version produces very realistic shooting recoil, thanks to the innovative blowback system. User can shoot 6mm BBs to the range of 50 meters, making it possible to use in airsoft reenactment games. Magazines have been made very realistic, you can tell the difference only from the top where the BB feeding hole is.


* Full metal and wood construction. Absolutely no plastic parts at all.
* Extremely detailed construction that is unrivalled in the market. Museum display quality. The highest quality MP44 replica available anywhere in the world.
* Authentic markings and a unique serial number in each model
* Fully field strippable
* Fires in semi and full automatic
* Uses 6mm BBs that are fed from highly realistic magazines
* Strong recoil that resembles .22 caliber firearm in recoil
* Fires to distance of 50 meters * Can be used in combat gaming (airsoft, similar to paintball), completely safe if protective airsoft or paintball goggles and face mask are used
* Can be used as a display piece with hose removed


* MP44 nitroair blowback assault rifle
* Magazine
* Loading tools for magazine
* Manual

To obtain nitroair tank please contact us for list of dealers in the US, Japan and Europe.

Technical specifications:
Lenght: 940mm
Weight: 4,300g
Ammunition capacity: 60 BB
Material: Metal and wood

 MP44 / Sturmgewehr 44 (Stg44) [Nitroair Recoil Blowback]

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