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PPSh-41 Heavy Weight New Model [Replica cap firing model gun]

PPSh-41 Heavy Weight New Model [Replica cap firing model gun]

Made in Japan
Operating principle: Cap firing model gun, PFC

Availability: Special order only

All PPSh-41 models (item code 100212) that are shipped are second hand models in good/excellent condition that have passed our quality inspection. This product is no longer manufactured as the maker has ceased to exist.

Pistolet Pulemyot Shpagina obr 1941g (PPSh1941) was arguably the most famous of the numerous submachine guns that Red Army employed during the WWII. PPSh1941 was thought to have longer effective range than it's Allied and Axis counterparts. With it's 71-round drum magazine it packed trendemous firepower, but later in the war the drum magazine was replaced with 35-round magazine that proved to be more reliable.

Both Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS soldiers were keen to get any they could find and press them into service as their personal weapons. Numerous photos demonstrate the widespread use of PPSh41 in German use where it was given the official designation 7.62mm MP7 717(r). Late in the war some were converted to the German 9x19mm Parabellum ammunition and featured modified magazine housing for MP40 box magazine.

This replica PPSh1941 comes with a realistic drum magazine and full metal and wood construction. Size is 1:1 size with real PPSh-41 and it is fully operable. The drum magazine can take 42 rounds of plug fire cartridges, somewhat less than the actual.

Cartridges and extra drum magazines are available in accessories section.

* Full metal and wood 1:1 size build
* Fully operable including drum magazine
* Fires plug fire cartridges in full automatic for movie-like realistic firing effect
* Rare collectable

Model Gun technical specifications:
Lenght: 840mm (33.15in)
Weight: 4,300g (11.90lb)
Ammunition capacity: 42
Materials: Zinc alloy and genuine wooden stock


  Video action!: Firing of Thompson M1921 PFC model gun
  Video action!: Firing of semiautomatic PFC model guns

You are viewing full size, 1:1 scale, fully functional and field strippable replica. This is Plug Fire Cartridge (PFC) replica gun that has real-like firing effect complete with muzzle flash, ejecting shell, gun powder smoke, recoil and firing sound.

Is this an firearm?
PFC model guns are in most countries legal to own and donüft require license for ownership. PFC model guns cannot shoot projectiles and will only fire plug fire cartridges that create movie-like muzzle flash and firing smoke while empty shell is ejected. Depending of the gun size there maybe also recoil. No projectile of any sort is fired, so these model guns are used primarily for display, re-enactment, recreational or movie propping purposes. You can recognize our plug fire cartridge model guns from dummy model guns from operating principle explanations.

How does plug fire cartridge model guns fire?
From the image below you can see one example of the PFC cartridges (9mm Parabellum replicas) that take 7mm caps inside. The caps are positioned so that the internal ignition pin will ignite the cap when the PFC model gun is fired. Ready PFC cartridges are loaded in the magazine like the real thing and magazine capacity is usually identical with real counterpart. PFC model guns are cocked the same way as their real counterparts.

After inserting PFC loaded magazine and cocking the gun the result of pulling the trigger is:

Firing, amateur camera shot

Professional commercial shot

How realistic are model guns?
The details and functionality of model guns imitates the real counterparts very closely while still keeping things safe and fun. Best of our models are used for war museum display, living history and movie productions. Model guns are realistic reproductions that suit WWII buffs, collectors and re-enactment hobbyists a like!

We ship internationally and have experience of shipping all types of models to different countries. In most countries no license is required for model or airsoft guns. The countries where we do not ship are Netherlands, Australia and Singapore.

Shipping costs can be seen automatically from our shopping cart system. Just place products you wish to purchase to the cart and proceed to checkout.

PPSh-41 Heavy Weight New Model [Replica cap firing model gun]
PPSh-41 Heavy Weight New Model [Replica cap firing model gun]
 PPSh-41 Heavy Weight New Model [Replica cap firing model gun]

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