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Lee Enfield Rifle No .4 Mk. I [Replica airsoft rifle]

Lee Enfield Rifle No .4 Mk. I [Replica airsoft rifle]

Made in Japan
Operating principle: Bolt-action airsoft
Ammunition: 6mm BB
Availability: Special order only.

KTW has finally remanufactured their Lee Enfield No.4 airsoft bolt-action rifle that was not available for many years due to problem with importing its wood stocks. This issue has been now solved and this rare collectible rifle is available again! Due to the extremely high quality build (including use of traditional British army beech oil finish stock furniture) this model is not the faint of hearted when it comes to the price and is recommended only for collectors and serious WWII re-enactors.

About the real rifle:
Remarkably the Lee Enfield Rifle No.4 Mk I was used by Commonwealth nations in no less than three major conflicts WWI, WWII and Korean War. It established reputation for ruggedness, quick rate of fire (for bolt-action rifle) and stopping ability.

Perhaps the most clear difference between Lee Enfield Mk I and other bolt-action rifles of its era is its 10 round magazine that was quick to load and could store more rounds than other rifle magazines/clips.

In this airsoft version 13 rounds are carried in the magazine. It features very high quality wooden stock, realistic bolt-action mechanism and overall model gun-like realistic construction and materials. One of the impressive aspects of this replica airsoft rifle is use of traditional British army beech oil finish stock furniture. Weight has increased 500g from the previous production version and this time an reproduction militaria sling is included with the rifle (resembles the real sling that was used in Lee Enfields). Hop up is adjustable and recommended BB is Tokyo Marui 0.25g 6mm BB. Butt stock cover can be opened like real and thus maintenance equipment compartment can be accessed and used. Buttstock part development was difficult to make everything fit nice and smoothly with the stock.

Technical specifications:
Lenght: 1,130mm
Weight: 3,200g
Ammunition capacity: 13 BB

Basic information about the hobby

Airsoft explained
Airsoft is paintball-type recreational game that is played in indoors (CQB), outdoors and at organized mass events that range from World War II re-enactment to fictional Special Forces operations. The common point of all of these events is the use of airsoft guns and airsoft gun accessories. Airsoft started as a hobby in Japan back in 1980s and is now common in many other countries.

Unlike in paintball BB hit from airsoft gun doesn’t leave a mark, but stings a bit. This allows use of smaller and more lightweight pellets that hurt less and make less mess. This also allows completely different design of the airsoft gun when compared with paintball guns. Many of our Japanese made airsoft guns are highly detailed products that have incredible attention to the detail. You will be surprised about how well some of these airsoft guns are constructed.

Airsoft guns explained
Airsoft guns range from affordable light powered 10-year old toy guns to serious hobbyist custom guns that cost several thousand dollars a piece. They are either spring, gas or electric operated and have special features such as various blowback mechanisms or accuracy barrels.

In most countries owning airsoft gun doesn’t require license or special arrangements.

Tokyo Marui Automatic Electric Guns explained
The Marui Automatic Electric Guns (AEG) are operated by central mechanism called Gearbox and electric motor that derivates from RC-cars. The electric motor uses small 8.4v battery as power source and rotates the gears inside the gearbox that in turn cock the piston back and release it forward in high repeating speed. This creates high rate of fire of about 750rds per minute with muzzle velocity of about 80m/s with 0.20g BB (264 FPS).

The typical accessories you need for airsoft gun
The basic items to have to get started are BBs, power source (battery or gas) and protective goggles or mask. If you use Tokyo Marui Automatic Electric Gun (AEG) you will need battery charger for the batteries unless you already have one. It is also good idea to have battery discharger to maintain battery lifespan by discharging the batteries before re-storaging them after use.

Maintenance and ease of use
Airsoft guns are quite maintenance free and simple to use. Occasional injection of silicon oil will be mostly enough and basic external cleaning after use in outdoors.

Fundamentally airsoft guns are designed for paintball-type gaming and hence are in safe power levels as long as protective gear is worn. It stings a bit through your clothing when BB hits you. Use of protective facemask is mandatory to protect face and eyes. The pellets are lightweight 6mm and 8mm BBs that weight typically around 0.25g each. Effective range is generally about 20 meters for pistols, 40-50 meters for submachine guns and 50 meters for rifles and machine guns.

We ship internationally and have experience of shipping all types of models to different countries. In most countries no license is required for model or airsoft guns. The countries where we do not ship are Netherlands, Australia and Singapore.

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Lee Enfield Rifle No .4 Mk. I [Replica airsoft rifle]
Lee Enfield Rifle No .4 Mk. I [Replica airsoft rifle]
 Lee Enfield Rifle No .4 Mk. I [Replica airsoft rifle]

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