Walther P-38 ac.43 [Replica cap firing model gun]

Made in Japan
Operating principle: Plug fire cartridge system, short recoil blowback. Strips and assembles like real Walther P-38.
Ammunition: 7mm cap & 9mm plug fire cartridge

The Wehrmacht P.38 service pistol gives an impression of modern sidearm and it in fact it was the P.38 that set the direction and standards for modern double action pistols. Walther P-38 was to be direct replacement of P-08 “Luger” pistol within the Wehrmacht but despite its excellent design and performance it continues to be overshadowed by its famous predecessor P-08 even to this day. With introduction of Walther P-38 Luger pistol production was to be ceased by 1942 but developments in the war forced all available pistols to be manufactured or pressed into service from captured stocks.

By all accounts Walther P-38 should have been the one and only pistol for Wehrmacht as it made an excellent combat pistol thanks to its advanced design of the time. The design revolved around locked-breech double-action trigger mechanism that allowed user to safely de-cock hammer after round had been chambered. In practice this was an major advantage in combat situations as user was not required prior to firing to chamber first round by pulling slide back – therefore saving valuable time. Simply pulling the trigger was enough to fire first round and re-chamber the following round.

This cap firing model gun Walther P-38 has been manufactured exactly to the wartime P.38 ac43 production variant details. Receiver has authentic wartime production stamps. Material that has been used for this heavy weight version varies by parts. Frame, slide and grips are of ABS plastic where as trigger and hammer assemblies are of metal. The cap firing model gun Walther P-38 comes with detachable 8-round magazine that can house eight 7mm cap plug fire cartridges. Strips and assembles like real P-38, firing mechanism is double-action trigger.

Walther P-38 ac.43 [Replica cap firing model gun]
Walther P-38 ac.43 [Replica cap firing model gun]
 Walther P-38 ac.43 [Replica cap firing model gun]

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