Mauser M712 "Broomhandle" Heavy Weight [Gas blowback airsoft]

Made in Japan
Operating principle: Gas operated blowback airsoft. Recoils like real pistol when fired. Semi/full automatic.

Updated 2008 version. Very heavy! The new version weights a massive 1,290g and comes with very realistic looking "steel press" paintjob.

Based on the succesful LD-2 gas blowback system design that was first seen in M1 Garand this brand new model is the first ever blowback airsoft pistol of the legendary Mauser M712 "Broomhandle" pistol. Using the powerful 8mm BB, this Mauser M712 gas blowback airsoft pistol will blow the enemy away both in semiautomatic and full automatic firing modes.

Authentic Mauser M712 "Broomhandle" pistol details can be found from this model. An truly entertaining airsoft World War II pistol to own. Spare magazines and wooden Mauser M712 stock are available at our accessories section.

Technical specifications:
Lenght: 296mm
Weight: 1,400g
Magazine capacity: 13 BB
Muzzle velocity: 140-160 FPS with 0.45g BB

Mauser M712 "Broomhandle" Heavy Weight [Gas blowback airsoft]
Mauser M712 "Broomhandle" Heavy Weight [Gas blowback airsoft]
 Mauser M712 "Broomhandle" Heavy Weight [Gas blowback airsoft]

Price: $209.00
Product code: 100482

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