M2 Carbine [Replica model gun]

Made in Japan
Operating principle: Cap firing model gun, plug fire cartridge
Ammunition: .30ACP model gun cartridges
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Although easily available in United States as an surplus real gun, this M2 Carbine model gun has typical model. It is in most places license free and can be used easily as a display or re-enacting gun. Full metal and wood build, fully functional. Highly realistic M2 Carbine replica.

M2 carbines were introduced in early 1945 and their main difference to M1 carbines where the selective fire (capable of fully-automatic fire) capability and use of 30-round magazines.

ATTENTION: Although this model retains cap firing capability this model cannot be fired no longer.

M2 Carbine [Replica model gun]
 M2 Carbine [Replica model gun]

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