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Type 99 Light Machine Gun [Replica automatic electric airsoft gun]

Type 99 Light Machine Gun [Replica automatic electric airsoft gun]

Made in Japan
Operating principle: Automatic electric airsoft gun
Note about availability: Special order only - very limited production (only several dozen will be manufactured)

This is the first ever production of Type 99 LMG replica and it is based on the earlier Type 96 LMG replica that was released on April 2009.


The Japanese Type 99 LMG. which was chambered on more powerful 7.7mm cartridge, was in production from 1939 until end of the war and although intended to replace the older 6.5mm chambered Type 96 LMGs, the Type 99 served alongside Type 96 until end of the war.The Type 99 was basically the same design as the Type 96 light machine gun, and had a number of parts in common. However, it dispensed with the oiler and had better primary extraction, increasing reliability over its predecessors. Early models had a mono-pod at the stock and a flash suppressor on the muzzle, which was screwed onto a threaded portion of the gun barrel (both of these features have been painfully recreated into this replica model). A top-mounted curved detachable box magazine held 30 rounds, and the finned gun barrel could be rapidly changed to avoid overheating.

The Type 99 had a blade front sight and a leaf rear sight, with graduations from 200 to 1,500 meters, with a wind adjustment. A standard infantry bayonet could be attached to the gas block below the barrel (standard IJA replica bayonet can be also attached to this Type 99 replica - ask us for replica bayonet availability).


The main features of this Type 99 LMG replica are the carefully replicated muzzle, stock with monopod, barrel fins, functional cocking handle & sights and a improved magazine design. Furthermore, authentic stampings, that include imperial chrysanthemum insignia, have been added to the receiver and each model comes with unique serial number. Only several dozen will be made of this model.

This replica automatic electric airsoft gun represents the most detailed Type 96 replica ever manufactured. Made by experienced Japanese factory this Type 96 replica is no "garage" custom production, but a mass produced replica of high quality and well replicated details.

The model is made almost entirely from real metal and wood with following part composition:

Outer barrel: Aluminum
Receiver: Aluminum
Front sight and other minor parts: White metal
Stock: Wood
Magazine: Steel press
Total number of metal parts: 24

Weight of the finished model will be in well excess of 7kgs. Magazine capacity is 58 shots.

Spare magazines are available as a special order.

Type 99 Light Machine Gun Replica

Type 99 Light Machine Gun [Replica automatic electric airsoft gun]
Type 99 Light Machine Gun [Replica automatic electric airsoft gun]
 Type 99 Light Machine Gun [Replica automatic electric airsoft gun]

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