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Fallschirmjägergewehr 42/I Sniper Version [Replica model gun]

Fallschirmjägergewehr 42/I Sniper Version [Replica model gun]


You are viewing a special sniper set of the FG42/I model that comes with a replica ZFG42 scope (new brass vintage finish type), new replica leather sling and 10 additional dummy cartridges.


* NEW: More accurately sized hand guard
* NEW: Original German receiver stamps
* NEW: Improved gas piston
* NEW: Improved magazine design
* NEW: Machine finished barrel

Made in Japan
Operating principle: Non-firing replica that can be cocked and disassembled like real FG42. This replica does not fire plug fire cartridges or projectiles, and it has been specially-designed not to be convertible to a real firearm.


The Fallschirmjaegergewehr 42 ("paratroop rifle model 1942") was specially requested by Luftwaffe for the German paratroopers after combat experiences had shown the need for specialized small arm for paratroops. Despite long list of difficult requirements the German industry was able to deliver the fully automatic and lightweight FG42 that was ultimately to become one of the influental small arm designs of the war. The lightweight Fallschirmjaegergewehr 42/I (FG42) was a cross between an automatic rifle and a light machine gun that provided Fallschirmjaegers with a powerful automatic weapon chambered to rifle cartridge. The Luftwaffe's requirements included that the weapon be a compact size (for transport inside planes), sufficiently durable, semi & full automatic, weigh no more than a standard rifle, and possess capabilities for hand-to-hand fighting, grenade launching and sniping. All these were achieved but FG42s were produced eventually only in very limited numbers and hence had little impact on overall war effort despite their advanced features.

Mechanism wise the FG 42 was considered to be a air-cooled and gas-operated weapon. The straight-line configuration of the weapon mechanism was intended to reduce the recoil of the weapon system, but due to the relatively lightweight and heavy caliber, the FG 42 was difficult to control when fired in full automatic.

Despite the limited numbers manufactured the FG42 saw combat in major battles such as the Monte Cassino, Normandy and the Battle of Bulge in Ardennes.


This is a museum-quality replica FG42 that is fully-functional and field-strippable like the real FG42. It features a functional spike-type bayonet (replica), functional rear & front sights, a cartridge ejection system and an operational cocking lever and system that uses dummy 7.92x57mm Mauser cartridges. The highly detailed and sophisticated full metal and wood construction of this reproduction will satisfy reenactors for its details & quality. Indeed, this reproduction model is displayed in renowned war museums in Europe and is everybit as good as the famed MP44 reproduction.

Limited production of FG42 rifle grenade attachments with dummy rifle grenades and ZFG42 scopes have been manufactured for this model (ask us for availability). Spare 20rnd magazines and 7.92x57mm Mauser cartridges are available as accessories. Spare parts are also available for special order.


* Fully functional, operates & disassembles like real FG42
* Uses real-like 20rnd magazines and replica 7.92x57mm Mauser cartridges
* Functional rear & front sights
* Functional replica bayonet
* Highly detailed 1:1 scale full metal and wood construction
* Authentic stampings
* Each model comes with unique serial number
* Accepts replica ZFG42 scopes and rifle grenade attachment

WWII Guns Footage: Click here to see FG42 Type I replica features, operation, disassembly and reassembly


Package includes a manual, a 20rnd magazine and 10 dummy rounds.


Lenght: 940mm
Weight: 4,500g
Ammunition: Replica (dummy) 7.92x57mm Mauser cartridge
Magazine capacity: 20 rounds

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Price: $2086.00
Product code: 100595

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