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MP43/I [Replica model gun]

MP43/I [Replica model gun]


Made in Japan
Operating principle: This highly-realistic model gun can be cocked and disassembled like its real counterpart. It will not fire plug fire cartridges or projectiles, and it has been specially-designed not to be convertible into a real firearm.

The MP43/I model main difference to above MP44 and StG44 model guns is the difference in muzzle type, front sights, buttstock shape and production stampings. Production stamps have been changed to "MP43/I" standard to accurately display the historic markings of MP43/I. Muzzle has been changed as well to MP43/I standard.

This MP43/I replica is an functional model gun version of the less-known early variant of MP44/StG44. It features full-metal and wood materials of the highest quality, as well as such overall historic accuracy that it cannot be compared at all to airsoft or resin replica guns.

The model can be disassembled, loaded and cocked just like the real MP43/I. Cartridges will eject exactly like the original from a shell ejection port when the gun is cocked multiple times. The receiver has an authentic serial number as well as other WWII production markings.

This superb and very realistic MP43/I model is highly recommended for serious collectors, re-enactors, and WWII buffs.

* MP43/I Replica Model Gun
* Ten (10) 7.92mm dummy cartridges
* Fully illustrated manual with English translation

* Full metal and wood construction
* 1:1 accurate real-life size
* Operates like real MP43/I
* Disassembles like real MP43/I
* Can cycle dummy 7.92mm cartridges
* Each model has its unique serial number
* German WWII production markings

MP43/I [Replica model gun]
 MP43/I [Replica model gun]

Price: $1595.00
Product code: 100651

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