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MP44 with ZF4 scope (Sniper version) [Replica model gun]

MP44 with ZF4 scope (Sniper version) [Replica model gun]


Special sniper version that comes with scope mount rail attached to the receiver and a replica ZF4 scope.

Made in Japan
Operating principle: This highly-realistic model gun can be cocked and disassembled like its real counterpart. It will not fire plug fire cartridges or projectiles, and it has been specially-designed not to be convertible into a real firearm.
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The MP44/StG44 is a functional model gun version of the world’s first true assault rifle, the famous MP44. It features full-metal and wood materials of the highest quality as well as historic accuracy that our customers have praised us for over and over again.

The MP44 model can be disassembled, loaded and cocked just like the real MP44. Cartridges will eject exactly like the original from a shell ejection port when the gun is cocked multiple times. The receiver has an authentic serial number as well as other WWII production markings.

This superb and very realistic MP44 model is highly recommended for serious collectors, re-enactors, and WWII buffs.

* MP44 Replica Model Gun
* Ten (10) 7.92mm dummy cartridges
* Fully illustrated manual with English translation

* Full metal and wood construction
* 1:1 accurate real-life size
* Operates like real MP44
* Disassembles like real MP44
* Can cycle dummy 7.92mm cartridges
* Each model has its unique serial number
* German WWII production markings
* Perfectly legal to purchase and own in most US states and European countries (classified as non-gun by the ATF, documentation is available to be accompanied with the product)

MP44 / Sturmgewehr 44 (Stg44) [Replica model gun]


Lenght: 940mm
Weight: About 4.7kgs unloaded

Note: This MP44 model cannot accept PFC cartridges. You will need special PFC version of the MP44 to be able to use MP44 PFC cartridges.

You are viewing full size fully functional, 1:1 scale, field strippable replica made of genuine metal and/or wood.

Is this an firearm?
Model guns are not real firearms. In most countries model guns are legal to own and no license is needed to own one. Our model guns cannot shoot projectiles and will only cycle dummy ammunition. No projectile of any sort is fired, so these model guns are used primarily for display, re-enactment, recreational or movie propping purposes. You can recognize model guns from operating principle explanations.

How do model guns fire?
Model guns can be loaded and cocked like their real counterparts, but no projectile or plug fire cartridge is actually fired. The trigger assembly and safety are, however, functional. Dummy cartridges can be ejected like real, but require manual operation of cocking handle unlike in plug fire cartridge model guns which are either semiautomatic or fully automatic.

How realistic are model guns?
The details and functionality of model guns imitates the real counterparts very closely while still keeping things safe and fun. Best of our models are used for war museum display, living history and movie productions. Model guns are realistic reproductions that suit WWII buffs, collectors and re-enactment hobbyists a like!

We ship internationally and have experience of shipping all types of models to different countries. In most countries no license is required for model or airsoft guns. The countries where we do not ship are Netherlands, Australia and Singapore.

Shipping costs can be seen automatically from our shopping cart system. Just place products you wish to purchase to the cart and proceed to checkout.

MP44 with ZF4 scope (Sniper version) [Replica model gun]
MP44 with ZF4 scope (Sniper version) [Replica model gun]
 MP44 with ZF4 scope (Sniper version) [Replica model gun]

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