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Asahi Maschinengewehr 34 (MG34) [Airsoft]

Asahi Maschinengewehr 34 (MG34) [Airsoft]

Made in Japan
Operating principle: Gas, airsoft
Ammunition: 6mm plastic BB
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he Maschinengewehr 34 (MG34) is right there with the MP40 Schmeisser as the most famous infantry weapon of the Wehrmacht. It can be seen in movies, games, comics and books that manage to touch even slightly the subject of WWII.

You are viewing an extremely rare Asahi MG34 airsoft gas-operated machine gun that is close to the Shoei MG42 in terms of quality. The barrel and bipod are made of steel, while most of the receiver and stock are of plastic. Its features include functioning sights, an operating handle, a drum magazine attachment and 1936 manufacturer stampings in the receiver. The stock can be replaced with a real one. This was made in the early 1990s in limited quantities; only a few lucky people own examples in good condition.

The Asahi MG34 is a fully-automatic nitroair-operated airsoft gun, meaning that it requires an external nitroair tank that is attached to the gun via a hose attachment. The hose attaches to the bottom of the pistol grip, and it can be removed for display purposes. Although the Asahi MG34 is a capable airsoft gun with a relatively high rate of fire, it is safe to say that it is, in practice, best used as a dummy model gun for propping and display purposes because of its collectible status. The exact production quantity is not known, but it is believed that only several hundred were ever manufactured. The Asahi MG34 is supplied with several interesting props, such as a 50-round belt carrier drum, a 50-round ammunition belt and an anti-aircraft sight. A leather sling and BB feeding tools are also included.

The set includes a drum magazine and an air defense sight. Production of this model has ceased, and the manufacturer no longer exists. Asahi MG34 is a collectible model.

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