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Basic Information
Place of Origin Germany
Manufacturer Walther
Technical Specifications
Length 245mm
Weight 1.45kg
Barrel Length 26.6mm
Rounds 1

The Walther Kampfpistole was an innovative anti-armor pistol, developed by the German army during WWII.


Kampfpistole (battle pistol) is an interesting German infantry weapon that was developed on early 1940s from the German smooth bore flare pistol Leuchtpistole. Kampfpistole was almost the same but with a bored out rifled barrel, firing angle aiming device and new variety of rounds including high-explosive (HE) ones. The HE rounds could be fired effectively to 100 meters and the pistol was intended primarily for close combat such as street fighting and defending armored vehicles against enemy infantry (an special 1-second fused HE grenade was issued for this purpose, to be fired inside armored vehicle).

The Kampfpistole had the same exterior appearance as signal guns, but to distinguish it, the Kampfpistole had a Z on the left side.

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