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Mauser Kar 98k [Cap firing model gun]

Mauser Kar 98k [Cap firing model gun]

Made in Japan
Operating principle: Cap firing model gun, PFC
Full size fully functional and field strippable replica.
This is Plug Fire Cartridge (PFC) replica gun that has real-like firing effect complete with muzzle flash, ejecting shell, gun powder smoke, recoil and firing sound.


Second hand product. Made in the 1970-1980s. From fair to good condition. Due to age all rifles resemble real battle worn Mauser Kar 98k rifle.

You are viewing the original model gun Mauser Kar 98k of which the ever-popular Tanaka Mauser Kar 98k series were born from (both the airsoft and the model gun versions). These models have collectors value due to their authenticity, rarity and the "spirit" of the old times. Featuring highly realistic wood furniture, metal parts, plug fire cartridge firing mechanism and realistic bolt-action. Uses replica 7.92mm replica cartridges. Great choice for the serious collector.

The Mauser Karabiner 98k was the backbone of the German Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS during World War II. It was a battle-tested rifle that could not be fully replaced at any stage of the war, despite the newfound status of machine pistols, experiments with semiautomatic rifles and the introduction of world’s first assault rifle (MP44). Millions were manufactured in Germany, other Axis countries and occupied territories by the end of the war.

This model gun version is very authentic, thanks to the materials used and craftsmanship. In addition to these factors, the Mauser Kar 98k can fire PFC cartridges to simulate the real firing of a gun. In terms of realistic appearance, this model is the most authentic of all of our Kar 98k rifle models. It is also worth noticing that Kar 98k cap firing model gun is an collectible item and the manufacturer of this fantastic replica closed long time ago.

Accessories included vary by the model.

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